Dear Colleagues and Friends,

Two years have passed since the FIEC General Assembly gave our Federation the green light to host the 113th Conference and General Assembly Meeting to be held in Limassol.

The covid pandemic has unfortunately kept us apart for a long period accentuating the distance between us and at the same time making it difficult for everyone to exchange with each other and to feel the problems each of our industries faced during this period of restrain and distancing.

We, here at OSEOK, would like to express one more time our thanks to the president and the Steering Committee of FIEC for giving us the chance to materialize our plan and offer our hospitality to all of you, contractors and colleagues, around the European Continent.

It is true that the last two years have proven to be challenging to all businesses, governments and industries around Europe raising once more the need for cooperation, support and solidarity.

We feel strongly the need to re-establish and re-activate our roles in the industry and the society starting from strengthening relations amongst each other and other member Federations of FIEC. It has been a long and sterile period of isolation and containment for all of us throughout Europe.

So let us take this opportunity to extend our Invitation to all FIEC member Federations to attend this year’s event which will take place in Limassol on 12th and 13th May.

During the Conference which we have titled “Sustainable Construction to tackle climate change”, we will address key issues such as the reduction of energy consumption and waste, the use of renewable and recyclable resources, the implementation of circular economy in the construction sector as well as on how to create environmentally friendly workplaces.

Sustainable construction practices play an important role in helping our generation to face climate change and maintain a clean environment and energy efficient cities for future generations.

We are confident that the FIEC’s Conference and General Assembly together with the social program we have prepared especially for you will make it a memorable stay both for you and your accompanying persons for years to come.

We look forward to welcoming you all to Limassol.

Yiannis Markides
Vice President

February 22, 2022